Why Squall Point?

Why Are We Doing This?


Empowering learners to succeed...

at their own pace, in a peaceful setting.

At Squall Point, we believe students’ biggest hurdles can become their greatest assets. By engaging in diverse activities, our students learn new skills in order to work with - and ultimately embrace - their language-based learning challenges.

The Birth of Squall Point

Sarah and David felt their daughter, Dorothy, was struggling to succeed in school, and they were determined to find a better fit for her needs. The challenge was a distinct lack of schools in the area that specialize in helping students with dyslexia. Their family saw few options to help Dorothy continue to grow as a student and to build her literacy skills. Dorothy needed an environment where all subjects were intertwined and where she could learn and at her own pace.


That’s when Sarah and David decided to create a new school, Squall Point: a program that focuses on students dealing with language-based learning challenges. Instead of being standardized, this program forges individualized educations, relying on student and family input. At Squall Point, students become active in their own learning. We create an environment that is cohesive and one that strives to inspire and excite.

Is Squall Point Right for Your Family?

The importance of each child being able to embrace their challenges is crucial to their growth. By learning how to build on their difficulties, we help students explore their passions and find success.

Behind Squall Point are parents who have walked the same frustrating path as others, those who have watched their children fall through the cracks in the education system, and those who are determined to fill that gap with their own innovation. If this sounds like your experience, please reach out to us and we can help you determine if Squall Point is the right place for your child!

Sarah and David know they are not alone. They have experienced the loneliness and frustration that comes from forging a path for a child with dyslexia. Sarah, David and the excellent educators at Squall Point want all parents to feel supported in the search to find the best fit for their child’s education.

Together, we can grow our learning community. Together, we can insure that our children succeed.