Squall Point Philosophy


Squall Point is dedicated to working with students who have literacy challenges by focusing on project-based learning, designing projects to address the needs of learners, and to challenge individual students. Through life experiences, hands-on projects, community involvement, and collective adventures, we support individual success and well-being. Squall Point students often have deficits in attention, order and organization, gross and fine motor skills, and perceptual confusion causing faulty concept formation. Additionally, students may exhibit weaknesses in oral language development, difficulty in learning the written symbols and patterns of language, and problems with the abstractions of math. Squall Point is responsive as we support each child, tailoring our program to each child's individual needs.


At Squall Point, students accept responsibility for their learning and work with peers to challenge each other every day. Our experienced faculty, Orton Gillingham professionals, and other specialists dictated by the needs of our students target areas of student weaknesses and support students as they develop strategies based on their strengths. In this way, our students become flourishing members of their communities.

One test of the correctness of educational procedure is the happiness of the child.
— Dr Maria Montessori

Key elements of the Montessori approach to education are embedded into the Squall Point program.

  • Recognizing each student’s interests and capabilities

  • Honoring student choice in learning decisions

  • Allowing student progress at their own pace

  • Fostering student independence and self-regulation

  • Mastering concepts through hands-on and real-world experiences

  • Developing a self-confident, inquisitive, creative child