Learning at Squall Point

An individualized approach, matching instruction to each child’s developmental level

Squall Point offers unique and integrative ways of learning that support the individual student. Our program is designed for collaborative learning among small groups of students. Our dynamic teachers incorporate all areas of study and intertwine them into a cohesive lesson plan for each student. We are committed to preparing every student for a successful, learner-centered future while celebrating each individual's unique strength.


In addition to their individual learning objectives, Squall Point supports the social emotional development of all students. At this stage in their adolescent social emotional development, Squall Point students are developing who they are as people and how they fit into the world. In an effort to support emerging social emotional development, our school Social Worker offers weekly check-ins with each student. These mini-meetings are designed to assist students to navigate the social emotional adolescent uncertainties, to build confidence, to identify educational needs, and to offer opportunities to advocate for them. Our Social Worker also acts as an advocate for parents, connecting them to community resources which can further support the family unit and enhance the educational experience.

Every accomplishment is a milestone. Every milestone we reach is reached together.

Language Arts

At Squall Point, we focus on each students’ individual level of reading and writing skills. Focusing on weaknesses can lead a child to feel self-conscious. Instead, Squall Point teachers work with the student and their family to identify and optimize individual strengths in order to have them feel success and to celebrate their unique skills.
Through individual assessment, Squall Point teachers determine each student’s academic obstacles and create positive ways for them to overcome those hurdles. Literature and lesson plan choices coincide with each student’s interests. This supports the student to positively engage in the subject material and also helps the student to gain a sense of self advocacy. By enhancing reading and writing skills which align with student interests, each student acquires the tools they need to achieve their goals.

Study of the Silk Road in Asia

Study of the Silk Road in Asia

Social Studies

At Squall Point, our students investigate social studies by better understanding their intricate role within the larger community. In the classroom, students work together in groups, learning how to have productive conversations with peers, building skills to deal with real life scenarios and acquiring tools to navigate disagreements. In Dover, the hometown of Squall Point, students can learn from its rich history and discuss ways to give back to the community. Similarly, students learn that the parallel is true in the greater communities across the world. Exploring Social Studies in this capacity empowers students to understand that they can make a difference in their school, their greater communities, and the world.

Math & Science

Math and Science are essential parts of the classroom at Squall Point.

Our teachers support student’s interests by emphasizing the importance and practicality of math in everyday life, (e.g. figuring out how much money the student would need to have a cell phone or designing their own computer game). Similar to the Language Arts curriculum, students are encouraged to pursue topics of choice which will then help the student to learn the benefits of math in their daily life.

At Squall Point we focus on hands-on Science activities which enhance the student’s ability to become a problem solver and critical thinker. In the classroom students work with their peers to perform science experiments which encourage them to collaborate and find the evidence to support their ideas. Additionally, students develop skills to collect and interpret data while learning about the applicability to real life situations.

Picasso self-portraits by student and teacher

Art and creativity

Art and creativity intertwine their way through our days at Squall Point to make learning more hands on and help students recollect the material they have learned.


Assistive Technology


Assistive Technology plays a vital role in our students’ growth as lifelong learners. By utilizing this technology, students build confidence and increase their academic independence. Fortunately, there is a plethora of modern tools which enhance a students’ reading and writing skills toward mastery such as text-to-speech, audiobooks, and annotation and graphic organizers. Faculty also work in collaboration with assistive technologies to help students incorporate these tools into their daily learning and to enhance their educational experiences.

Using assistive technologies, Squall Point students create digital portfolios and online learning journals. These serve as a record of their progress and their achievements. These tools also constitute a means to communicate what they are doing with parents.