Is Squall Point Right for You…


Squall Point offers a small, multi-aged classroom community, learner-directed studies, and a flexible schedule that allows for uninterrupted periods of work. We have adopted practices from the Montessori tradition and are in the process of working toward American Montessori Society accreditation.

Our mission is to support students, ages 10 -14, who are inquisitive and self-driven to find success, but struggle with literacy based learning disabilities such as dyslexia. Squall Point students often have deficits in attention, order and organization, gross and fine motor skills, and perceptual confusion causing faulty concept formation. Additionally, students may exhibit weaknesses in oral language development, difficulty in learning the written symbols and patterns of language, and problems with the abstractions of math.

Through self-awareness in their individual journeys, Squall Point students support one another and create a positive, learner-centered, empowered community. Our admissions team is diligent in working with each family throughout the process to ensure that, if accepted, Squall Point is a great fit for your student.