Admission to Squall Point

How to get started…

Welcome to the Squall Point!  Our admissions process includes student and family statements, school records, a parent / guardian questionnaire, questionnaires for your child regarding interests and school experiences, and a school report.  In addition you and your child will be invited to visit Squall Point and to take part in an interview.

Squall Point is a small program, only 4-6 students, and the success of its students depends on including students who show that they are positive contributors and strong collaborators when sharing in their learning. Squall Point students are inquisitive, self-driven to find success, and ready to support their schoolmates. Here are the steps we recommend:

  1. Inquire about coming for a school visit.

  2. Read over our Parent-Student-Faculty Handbook (coming soon)

  3. Visit

  4. If you are interested in your child applying, please request the admissions materials

  5. Please complete your forms and request the completion of forms by your child’s current school.

  6. Return to Squall Point for your child’s interview

  7. Submit all admissions paperwork.

All information submitted to Squall Point will be held in strictest confidence and shared only with the Squall Point administration and admissions committee.


For the coming school year 2019-2020, please inquire about tuition for full-time enrollment. Tuition rates are based on the total number of students enrolled, and the level of direct instruction services provided. We also offer, on a case by case basis, an opportunity for a student to participate in activities or direct instruction services on a part-time basis. Tuition is an academic year commitment and families are required to pay a non-refundable deposit at the time of enrollment. 

Questions? Interested in talking to us about Squall Point? We’d love to hear from you! Contact Us

Come see our classroom space in action - Contact Us for a visit soon!