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Welcome to Squall Point!

A Learner Centered School for Students with Literacy Challenges

Squall Point is an alternative Middle School in a peaceful setting designed specifically for students, Grades 5 through 8, who struggle with literacy.

Located in Dover, New Hampshire, Squall Point is an independent, coeducational learning community where students benefit from an individualized academic program and a wide range of experiential learning. Through life experiences, hands-on projects, community engagement, assistive technology, and collective adventures, we support individual success and well-being. Learn more about our Program!

Our Mission

Squall Point is a school that children can call their own. It follows the Montessori approach and both fosters curiosity and enables development. We honor the child’s natural desire to learn through imagination and exploration. We work to honor the interests and strengths of each learner in order to build individual programs in which responsibility, community, and well-being empower students to become successful in all aspects of their lives.

Is your child a perfect fit for Squall Point?

squall point fulfills its mission by…

  • trailblazing individual pathways for learning

  • co-creating a student-centered environment

  • honoring students’ wonderings

  • empowering learners with language-based disabilities

  • maximizing the use of assistive technology for learning

  • expanding the classroom boundaries into the greater community


Wondering what “Squall Point” means? Squall Point is the historic name of the landmark point at the foot of the Cocheco River in Dover, the location of our classrooms at Two Washington!